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Cloud Riders cover

Cloud Riders: The Underlands Revealed

Book 1

The way was foretold. The result - unexpected. Mystic powers intertwine with tech to reunite an ancient civilization.

The rule of destiny is that it is not chosen. It chooses…

Its choices can be unexpected and seem implausible…

A caustic, undisciplined, selfish prince of the Overlands, land of sun and technology.

A spiritual, authoritative, obedient prophetess of the Underlands, land of shadows and mystic powers.

Can such a team of opposites work?

It must.

If they fail the tests, the quests, the battles with dark forces…

Then everyone dies…

Cloud Riders: The Overlands Visited

Book 2

Even with the Quest completed, Destiny is still unfulfilled.

 Navigating erratically shifting Kingdom politics, forced Clan displacements, cruel oppression of their peoples, body and soul kidnappings, and deep betrayals, Ka’star and Ailyean struggle against the dark machinations of the destroyer to complete their task.   

As the saga of the prince and the prophetess continues, they strive to solve problems and fight battles as they near their goal. While they share these dangerous journeys, a deep bond is forged and so is the temptation of a forbidden relationship.

 What will result, their destiny to save their people or their relationship that would doom them all?


Cloud Rider 2: The Overlands Visited

Cloud Riders 3: Mysteries Revealed

Book 3

The toxic cloud barrier is gone! The Lands are now free to reunite…

But War is on the horizon and an imposter is claiming to be the Reunitor!

Massive change is affecting the Lands. Power balances on the edge of a sword…

Ka’star and Ailyean must convince the Clans to fight the land and power-hungry mountaintop Kings, but are faced with disbelief, denial, and defiance. As the Kingdoms and Clans face off to see who will rule them all, will the uneasy alliance with the natives of this world, the Layeash, commit them to help or will they wait to see the outcome.

The epic journey of the prince and prophetess continues as their path toward destiny’s endgame is made more difficult by the tricks and deceptions of the destroyer, and the uncertainty of what the future holds for them.

Time Stealers: Time Keeper's Chronicles

book 1

Even after hundreds of years as a Time Keeper, Grant Stone still doesn’t know much about his charges, the shadowy aliens known as Time Wraiths who live in clockwork clocks. Like the other Keepers in the world, he is only aware that these mysterious beings can devastatingly affect humanity by altering the perception of time. Because of this, their jobs are to keep mechanical clocks working for the good ones to live in and trap the bad ones in clockwork vaults to protect the world.

This all changes when someone enters Grant’s life. A type of Keeper that had never existed before reveals more about the Time Wraiths than they had ever known, and uncovers a danger that lurks nearby that threatens wraiths and humans alike.

Can Grant convince the other Keepers of this approaching danger as he observes the wraiths’ sudden change in their behavior after centuries of living with them?

TS1 2023 repub cover

Time Stealers: Hope Eternal

Time Keeper's Chronicles book 2

After the revelation of a whole new world and her part in it, Charlotte is still adjusting to her role as liaison between humans and wraiths. When she takes a trip to visit the European tower clocks with Weldon, her grandfather, to sort out her feelings about Grant, her journey and purpose in the lives of the Time Wraiths take a tortuous path. After she is kidnapped and nearly killed by the evil Keeper, she discovers that the Great Evil has arrived to finish what it started.

With the world in greater danger than ever before, Charlotte, Grant, and Weldon race to find the key to defeating this ominous foe that is in the care of a unique and mysterious wraith.

Can Grant and Weldon protect Charlotte from the Great Evil? Can Charlotte unleash the mighty power needed to defeat the Great Evil, even if it means destroying her brother?

Time Stealers: Royal Stain

Time Keeper's Chronicles book 3

As the pandemic grips the world, Charlotte and Grant discover another threat that affects not only mankind but also the Time Wraiths. The Royals, ruling family of the wraiths from their previous home, are not quietly locked up in their basement.

Obsessed with revenge and the need to reestablish his power as the ultimate ruler over his people and enslave mankind, the wraith king has reached out with his mental powers to control both wraiths and humans. As he seeks someone to free him and his family from their prison, another Great Evil starts to spawn, like the one that destroyed the original wraiths’ society and space home.

With this ever-increasing danger, Charlotte and Grant fear that the king will harm their son, LG, as they seek solutions from the other Time Keepers and wraiths. But their son has a secret protector. A wraith that no one knows about and is different from the others.

When the king senses that LG and his protector are unusually gifted, he fears that they will forever end the Royal rule. As he plans and schemes his moves after he escapes, he works to turn the mysterious wraith against humans as he tries to influence LG while he is growing up.

As events spiral out of control, time is running out for mankind and the wraiths. Everything depends on a young boy and his wraith friend to act, as well as for the Time Keepers and the Time Wraiths to believe in them.

The final conflict will determine if the emergence of a new era for Time Keepers and Time Wraiths will either dawn – or be destroyed…

Time Stealers: Royal Pain cover
Path of Totality: Author's Cut

Path of Totality

Author's Cut

A medical experiment mutated into a deadly, never-ending pandemic that forced mankind to survive for centuries by living in an artificial world, the Complex, where the rules of The Society govern them.

Everything and everyone are geared to serve The Society.

In turn, The Society grants anything its charges want, except for the one thing that would allow them a totality of life.

Although they are hunted by an ancient enemy, a secret society knows the dark secrets and deceptions of The Society, the truth of the pandemic, and the need to free mankind from the clutches of the Complex. But they lack one essential element to be successful before they are cleansed out of existence.

After so many centuries, time is running out to defeat the virus, free the captives of The Society, and learn the truth of the Path of Totality before all humanity is destroyed.

It all hinges on a young woman remembering her past and discovering her destiny while a young man finally believes in what he has been taught.

Cat Hunters

Centuries after an apocalypse, a child is born into the Cat Hunter tribe in the forestland territory of Ritigabid. Orphaned and chosen for the highest position in her tribe at birth, Kilala is raised without know her true identity. As she grows up, her unusual abilities emerge, including her psychic connection to all the cats, not just her family’s cats as was usual with the other tribe members. Taking on the mantel of the Spirit of her tribe, one of the powers she gained was a link to the Sentinels, the wild big cats– those considered the mightiest, most powerful, and dangerous of all the cats.

But without her mentor, Kilala’s transition to the highest position in the tribe is unique and fraught with problems. Even with the help of her village’s Sentinel, the white tigers, she has a difficult journey ahead. Not only does she need to discover who she is and her powers as the Spirit of her tribe, she must also deal with the other Hunter tribes and their Spirits; Dog Hunters, Eagle Hunters, Bear Hunters, and Snake Hunters. In addition, she has to navigate the uncertainty created by the revelation of a hidden Hunter tribe, the secrets of the mists, a mysterious entity, and the discovery of a diabolical plan to destroy the Hunter tribe system, threatening the peace and stability of Ritigabid.

Racing against time, Kilala must find a way to fend off her sworn enemy and discover her allies. If she can’t uncover who is involved in the threat and marshal a unified force against it, all those in the Land of Ritigabid will be destroyed!


P. Clauss

Writing to inspire and entertain

Working full time as a small animal veterinarian, she has written several books over the years and has decided to share them with the world.

Her writings are varied and include poetry, pet care information handouts and articles,  devotions of faith, inspiring Children's books, and captivating sci-fi/fantasy novels.