P. Clauss

Writing to inspire and entertain

An avid reader since I was young, I found that stories were not only entertaining but inspirational. They revealed characters that were similar and different from me, as well as places and experiences that all helped to expand my worldview.

Then I discovered my active imagination could weave stories in my mind, at first building off the stories that I read then moving into unique stories with their own worlds and characters.

Since I watch these stories develop like a movie, I found that I could write them down and describe as much as I can with words until I have in print what I am seeing.

When I finally conquered the fear of someone seeing my stories, I started to find ways to share them with readers. After trying to gain attention from literary agents, I decided to forage ahead and use several avenues in the indie publishing industry, with it's many glories and pitfalls. And here I am now!!

If you were to ask me what I like best about being an author, I would answer quite honestly and sincerely, "The Readers!"

Thank you, Readers, for reading my books, sharing them with others, and joining and enjoying my worlds and charaters! There is more to come!