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I write to Inspire and Entertain

P. Clauss, an avid reader, has enjoyed writing all her life. As a child, she wrote about her mother for a Mother’s Day writing contest and won $25. When she was in high school, one of her teachers encouraged her to write. My online e-book offerings include a series of Christian devotional type books, Sci Fi/Fantasy series, and a collection of children stories. There are more stories that are currently being developed and will be published in due time.

Book Reviews

Chaos awaits in the disturbance of time.
If you are an avid Time Travel Fantasy Reader, Don't Miss this.
TS1 2023 repub cover
Time Stealers: Royal Pain cover

Recently finished reading the book TIME STEALERS: ROYAL STAIN, it is third draft in the "Time Keeper's chronicles" series and like it's previous two parts that has the same level of intensity and thrill that will keep you hooked till it is finished. Personally I enjoyed a lot reading the entire series as the concept of this series was something different that I had not read before. The description of each detail has been to the point and overall the book was great read and it is highly recommended to all of you guys if you wanna read something magnificent and different then go for it.

Path of Totality: Author's Cut

The writing once again has been absolutely magnificent by the author and she has created a fantasy world which can be very well lived bt the readers. The story has a different dimension and that was an amazing experience to read. The characters are well developed and the descriptions were to the point so that readers can aware of the world's and rules there. The language is rich and lucid and the narration has been top notch. The title grabbed my attention as soon as I see. It has mystery and fantasy which can be enjoyed by the readers and it also gives a cinematic experience as it has many goosebumps scenes where you will feel just wow. Overall it was a great read and i would recommend it to you all.

Cloud Riders: The Underlands Revealed

✨The writing as usual has been magnificent by the author P. Clauss and you can feel it while reading it as you will barely find any loopholes in the plot. Everything is perfectly oriented to give readers a satisfactory read. The characters are mostly from its previous parts but they are explored well which is pleasing as a reader. The language is easy to understand and the narration has been quite good. The narration is mostly in first person. The pace of the book is fluent and it never gets off track at any point. The climax is vast and full of action which gives you the feel of a Magnum opus movie.✨✨✨✨✨✨ 💫 Overall this series was so good to read and i would like to recommend it to you all.✨✨✨✨✨