Continuing in the Journey of Life

Taking a journey can be a literal physical thing such as going somewhere, like a new job, moving to a new area, going on missions, or going on a trip. But in this piece, I am also talking about journeys to reach a goal such as a new skill, striving toward a new career, setting out to achieve a dream, etc.

I’ve written before that a journey starts with a single step. If there is no start, there is no journey. But just as important as that first starting step is each step afterward. To keep walking, to keep progressing toward the goal. Yes, the journey is just as important as the goal, but the journey has to be continued to get to the goal. If the momentum stops, the journey will not be completed and the result of getting to that goal will never be realized.

Not every journey is on flat ground and in fair weather. In fact, most journeys have periods of rough terrain, the need to climb hills and even mountains – and doing it in the blazing sun, driving rain, drifting snow, high winds, stinging sleet, etc. These metaphors can translate into having to keep pushing through no matter what. Many things can distract and discourage. There will always be people who strive to discourage you and events that keep you from moving toward your goal. And on the flip side, there will be times people come into your life to encourage you and opportunities open that help you toward your goal!

But, the biggest discourager and distractor can be yourself!

Is everyone happy once they reach their goal? Sometimes they are not. But they didn’t know it until they got there. Does that mean the time on their journey to reach that goal was wasted? No. There are always new experiences and lessons that have been learned along the way that are valuable! Keep in mind, everyone’s life has more than one journey!

Can everyone get to their goal? Some dreams require abilities and skill sets that sometimes a person that wants to achieve them does not have. Now, some of those things can take education and training, and willingness to push forward even if it’s very difficult. But in some cases, that particular dream or goal cannot be achieved and that realization can be a bitter blow and very hurtful. But remember this very important thing – they did not fail! They now have the opportunity to pursue another goal, one they likely realized on the journey to the previous one. You see, none of the experiences and lessons in a journey go to waste. There are always ways to use those in the next journey. Keep in mind, some people may find that they have a unique skill set that very few have! They may never have realized that without taking the journey to their previous dream!

You know the only way you can fail? Not trying at all or quitting before the end result is realized.

Where are you on your journey? Have you started? Have you stopped? Did you get to your destination and find it was not what you expected? Did you try but it wasn’t for you?

My advice to you:

Get going!

Keep going!

Redirect, if needed!

And remember, you are not restricted to only one journey in your life!

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