P. Clauss Children's Books

Wholesome stories for kids and reasons for parents to read them...

Just Kid's Stories/ Or Are They?

A Collection

The best way to teach a lesson is through stories. This collection of children’s short stories tells a tale and teaches a lesson. Can you find the lesson?

Reading to children is very important to cultivate their interest in books and to spend time together. Just as important is to talk about what was brought up in the story. This opens up teaching moments where an adult can pass on hard-earned knowledge and wisdom to a child.

There are 5 stories in this collection that address messy rooms, not judging things by how they look, how everyone has special skills, to be careful about being too proud, and about complaining too much.

SnarlNSnorts and HissNpoots

Defending the Kingdom of Cats

Teased and bullied as they were growing up, two black and white kittens felt alone because of their embarrassing problems. Since they both wanted to fight for their country, they kept their maladies secret. After they joined the army, the truth came out and the General told them that they could not be fighting soldiers. As the sad kittens were trying to decide what to do next, the Cat Kingdom was attacked! They courageously joined the fight and surprised everyone when their problems combined and defeated the enemy to save the Kingdom of Cats! Will this change the General’s mind?



P. Clauss

Writing to inspire and entertain

Working as a small animal veterinarian, being a pet owner, and raising two children, inspired her to write stories for children. Many of them are included in these books.

After she prepared these stories to publish, she realized that each one had a message to not only help children, but also the adults who might read them.

Even through Children's stories, she aspires to write to inspire and entertain!