Hello Readers!

At long last, I have decided to start a blog on my website while I’m trying to be more active on my other social media accounts. Why? Well, it’s not just to talk more about myself or what I’m doing, although people keep telling me that’s what the public wants to see from writers. My main reason for all this social media coverage is to give people plenty of opportunities to be able to contact me. I enjoy hearing from readers!

If you are on any social media and are curious about what’s happening on my accounts and would like to contact me, the following is a list:

Facebook- Books by P Clauss

Twitter- AuthorPenny

Instagram- authorpennyclauss

LinkedIn- P Clauss

YouTube- P Clauss

and my latest TikTok- authorpclauss

What do I cover on these platforms? Mainly about my books, writing process, reviews, interviews, and launches. But, on a few of the platforms, there are a few non-author-type stuff.

If you visit me on any of the platforms, send me a message. And you are welcome to contact me through this website!

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